Charleston, SC. 2010. Transportation HUB
Wood and steel composite canopy structure with extensive green roof, glue laminated wood vertical structure

This transportation hub houses stops for a new LRT, local buses and taxis, as well as provisions for retail and office space. By consolidating program elements, and building to the maximum permitted height, 75% of the site is left open for public use. This civic space can be a hub for the transportation network and a local open space network.

In response to the hot local sun, this new civic space is shaded by a wooden canopy. The canopy shelters the waiting areas and drop-offs for the LRT, buses and cars. People can circulate naturally and intuitively through the open space to connect to the different transport modalities. LRT, bus, car drop off and bike rental are all strategically located within the civic space and visible to one another.

Wood is the primary materal because of its low thermal mass, and because it can be sourced locally and sustainably. The canopy is perforated to allow hot air to be drawn out by stack-effect.It holds an extensive living roof on top that will prevent excess rain-water runoff, the evaporation of moisture held in the sod cools the space below.