khamsi tang BUSHWICK v2

Brooklyn, NY 2016. Mixed use development
Concrete structural fame, infill glazing, brick cladding

In collaboration with Tang Kawasaki Studio

khamsi tang BUSHWICK v1

This design for a mixed use development in Bushwick draws upon variations in the program to create a figure of three stacked volumes.

Using air rights of the adjacent church, height factor zoning permits a 14 story tower on the 46’ wide site. The project mixes community facilities in it podium with residential units in its tower.

The lowermost volume is clad in masonry, forming a base that continues the height and texture of the avenue’s street wall. The residential program is consolidated into a tower that is set back behind the adjacent church’s spire.

The tower houses 28 residences, some of which are simplex, others are duplexes containing double height spaces. This difference produces a variation in floor to floor height and window scale, which is further articulated by projecting balconies in different directions.

Residential floors are organized into four units that gather around a compact core. Rooms and volumes are regulated by a consistent grid. This grid is projected to the extremes of the balconies to consolidate the exterior reading of the three distinct programmatic volumes.

khamsi tang BUSHWICK v3