London, UK. 2011. Bicycle storage
Steel structure with tarpaulin membrane

This is a prototype for a lightweight bicycle storage shelter that could be installed in numerous locations around London’s South Bank. The goal of the project is to create a new MICRON for south London. Whereas ICONS (such as Big Ben or Swiss Re) are singular symbols for the city, MICRONS (think of London red phone booth or the double-decker bus) – because they are ubiquitous and woven into everyday life – create equally powerful images for the city.

The shelter is structured by a trellis of steel rods that will be formed using cnc bending technology. The radial pattern resonates with the lightweight tectonic and imagery associated with bikes while creating a structural surface. A membrane of waterproof tarpaulin is hung beneath the steel structure to create weather protection. The tarpaulin has solid and transparent panels that create a spiraling optical pattern around the shelter. Using different colors and triangulated patterns, different sheds can be made be individually distinct while not straying too far from the collective.